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Cookies are small text files that web servers send to be stored on web browsers or devices to enhance site functionality and user experience.

At Samarthan.in, cookies are utilized to store preferences and settings, providing a personalized browsing experience. Additionally, cookies help in collecting anonymous data about user interactions and traffic patterns on our site to improve functionality and content.

Types of cookies used on Samarthan.in include:

  • First-party cookies, which are set by the website you are visiting.
  • Permanent cookies, which stay on your device until you manually delete them or until they expire.
  • Session cookies, which are temporary and expire when you close your browser or device.
  • Third-party cookies, which are placed by external websites with content on the page you are visiting.

By accepting cookies on Samarthan.in, you consent to the collection of data aimed at enhancing your site navigation and usage experience. We ensure that these cookies are used strictly for enhancement and analytical purposes, and we do not share cookie data with third parties.

It is common practice to use cookies on websites; however, they are completely optional. Should you choose not to store cookies on your device, you can disable them by modifying the settings in your web browser.

For more in-depth information about cookies, further resources are available online.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are sent by web servers and stored on your device. They play a crucial role in improving the user experience by enabling website owners to offer tailored services and features.

What if you choose not to accept cookies?

Opting out of cookies may limit your access to certain websites or result in a less optimized user experience, as some site functionalities heavily rely on cookies.

Can I reject cookies?

You have the right to reject any cookies that can personally identify you. Websites that use such cookies are required to obtain your consent, failing which they may face significant penalties under privacy regulations. If you prefer not to store cookies that collect personal information, you can simply decline them.

What do cookies know about me?

Generally, cookies do not contain information that personally identifies a user. They usually include a unique identifier or string of text, which allows a website to recognize a browser that has previously visited the site.