Posted on : October 8, 2018

As technology, globalisation and innovation converge on business platforms, there is a growing need for companies and organisations to build leaders who can successfully negotiate this ever-changing environment while also creating empathetic ecosystems.

Pairee Learning, in partnership with Top Line Talent USA will soon kick off a powerful one-day experiential workshop on ‘Being a Strategic Leader’. Here’s our chat with Laurie Blazek (President & CEO, Top Line Talent ) on the workshops and how you can be part of them. 

Q. Tell us about your experience as a leadership trainer?

Unlike many trainers, I have 25 + years of professional experience working in some of the largest banks in the world.  I have been fortunate to work with great leaders and I have also been part of highly dysfunctional teams. My practical knowledge enables me to provide context and to connect the dots between the concepts being taught and real world situations. People want training that will help them to grow personally and professionally. They want to be able to walk away from a one-day workshop having more tools in their tool box. My business experience helps me to do this by being able to connect key leadership concepts to situations the participants experience every day. 

Q. Do you see differences in the challenges leaders face across cultures, or are they largely similar?

Over the past few years, we have given many presentations and training workshops throughout India.  Based on our experience, we have observed that Indian leaders can improve their skills in collaboration and teamwork.

Businesses in the United States emphasise strategic collaboration and teamwork more than ever before. The Indian business culture tends to focus more on individual achievement than on working effectively in teams.  It’s very important to understand and leverage your individual strengths but it’s also essential to build strong strategically focused teams. In an effective team dynamic, the sum of the whole is greater than the individual parts. But success requires appreciating what other team members bring to the table, the willingness to listen and collaborate, and the ability to subordinate your ego for the benefit of the whole. 

Q.What is the importance of leadership training sessions in the current era ?

We call it creating a winning culture.  What can you do as a leader to empower people by helping them leverage their individual strengths?  What can you do to minimize disruptive and costly employee turnover? How do you build an environment where people feel comfortable to innovate, contribute, and set stretch goals? How do you become the company or manager everyone wants to work for? No matter where you are in the world, the happiest employees are those who are leveraging their natural strengths – doing something they are naturally good at.  This is not always possible but the goal of an effective leader is to create an environment where everyone is engaged and contributing to the best of their ability.

Q. What do you believe are the key goals of the leadership workshops you will conduct ?

As a result of our workshop, we absolutely want people to grow personally and professionally.  Some takeaways will be – gaining an understanding of your individual personality strengths. It will also help identifying personality factors that can de-rail your career. The workshop will work towards understanding how to identify personality traits in other people and how to use this insight in job selection and professional development. Becoming a more effective communicator by improving listening skills and managing your own ego need for recognition and validation and gaining the confidence and skills to better sell yourself and your ideas are some of our key areas of focus. 

Editor’s Note: Pairee Learning and Top Line Talent USA will be organising leadership workshops for corporates and organisations in  Bangalore, Mumbai, Mysore and Chennai. To know more, click here