Posted on : October 1, 2018

As businesses in India grow and expand, leadership demands now straddle multiple modes of communication and connection – the need of the hour in a growing economy like ours is to foster and empower leaders who can work with global and local teams across physical and digital dimensions. Companies need effective and enabling leaders. 

Pairee Learning, in partnership with Top Line Talent USA will soon kick off a powerful one-day experiential workshop on ‘Being a Strategic Leader’. Here’s our chat with Dr. George Watts (Chairman, Top Line Talent) on the workshops and how you can be part of them. 

Q. Tell us about your experience as a leadership trainer?

For over thirty years I have been involved in leadership training. Initially, I was focused on developing sales leaders. Over time, I branched out to professional services and manufacturing. Intermittently, I served as EVP and CEO of large human capital companies. This front line experience combined with my psychology and counselling education, gives me a unique perspective on leadership development.  It has sharpened my understanding of the complexity and depth of excellent leadership behaviour. 

Q. What drew you to the idea of leadership workshops?

The concept of off-sites where people can hold deep conversations, learn new ways to think about their personality, experience more powerful exploration of values that drive actions, and learn new models of leadership was exciting to me. No matter where around the world we present, it’s rewarding to see people grow and teams bond. Leaders have a powerful impact on corporate culture and enlightened leaders can create an environment of openness and engagement. How their emotional intelligence cascades throughout the organisation is very inspirational to me.  

Q. Having observed this space for so long, any common challenges you see amongst leaders today?

The first common challenge I see is creating a positive culture where people thrive.  A second challenge is to strategically innovate and understand how technology will disrupt a company’s business model. These are big concepts. Each leader must understand him or herself and know how they add strategic value to affecting positive outcomes in each of these broad domains. 

Q.How relevant is strategic leadership in the social sector?

My interpretation of this question would be, how is the political system raising people’s standard of living. In that sense, yes, we need highly strategic leaders who understand scalability. Leadership must realize the insights of longitudinal social science research and creatively apply this knowledge to the solving of human problems. This takes leaders with humility and a sincere desire to increase the happiness and human condition of the populace. 

Q. What would say are the key outcomes of your workshop ?

We have written extensively about leadership. Our latest book, Becoming a Strategic Leader, encapsulates our core perspectives and model as to how leaders must add strategic value to clients and teams. As a result of attending, people will be inspired to mature their personality strengths and understand in seven words how they add value to their ecosystem. They will also have an appreciation of the big picture, how to work more effectively in teams, and how to bring out the best in themselves and their people.

Editor’s Note: Pairee Learning and Top Line Talent USA will be organising leadership workshops for corporates and organisations in  Bangalore, Mumbai, Mysore and Chennai. To know more, click here