Posted on : September 22, 2018

As technology, communication and business models change and evolve in leaps and bounds, increasingly the focus is coming back to creating and nurturing leaders who can successfully negotiate this world of disruptive technologies while working with millennials across the globe in virtual teams and using agile methodologies.  The emphasis is now on Transformational leadership and not Transactional leadership.

Pairee Learning, in partnership with Top Line Talent USA will soon kick off a powerful one-day experiential workshop on ‘Being a Strategic Leader’. Here’s our chat with Chandrakanth B N, Chairman, Pairee Group & CEO, Pairee Learning, on the workshops and how you can be part of them. 

Q. You’ve been an entrepreneur for much of your professional life, what’s the journey been like?

It has been an amazing ride, much like being on a roller coaster with some huge highs and huge lows.. I have climbed some amazing peaks, plunged into valleys, over achieved my own goals, met some wonderful people and also seen the extremely tough side of things. When I look back at my career, I don’t think I want to change anything – It’s like “riding a tiger”, you keep riding! No getting off.

Q. What drew you to the idea of leadership workshops?

In my entrepreneurial journey, I have set up many companies. In doing so, I have hired, coached and mentored hundreds of people. Many of them have gone on to become successful corporate leaders and entrepreneurs themselves. I feel proud about that. It is also a passion for me to nurture and enable people to reach their true potential and identify their own leadership strengths. These workshops will aim to do exactly that in a professional manner and on a much larger scale.

Q. What do you believe is the importance of strategic leadership in the social sector?

India’s social sector has a long way to go, we have several islands of excellence. Here, a more organised effort can yield more results. Leadership in the social sector throws up a greater challenge as people often work under more difficult circumstances and unstructured environments for very little gains. One’s tenacity and strategic leadership becomes the key under these circumstances.

Q. Which group of professionals and entrepreneurs do you think this workshop might benefit?

This will benefit all professionals who have to interact with other team members and stake holders on a regular basis to achieve their goals. Having said that, professionals who have been in leadership roles for a few years at least and who wish to derive the best out of their teams will benefit greatly from this workshop.

Q. What are the key goals of your workshop?

“Being a Strategic Leader” will cover the various applications of the Big Five model to specific job functions and traditional leadership aspects like influencing, motivating, negotiating, conflict management, emotional intelligence among others. The participants will leave with an increased self-awareness, enhanced influencing skills and essentially a tool-kit to strategize their leadership decisions.

Q. Tell us about the team that will be conducting these intensive leadership workshops?

We have an outstanding world class team who will facilitate this workshop. It will be led by Dr. George Watts, an acclaimed organizational psychologist and Laurie Blazek, a corporate leader, from USA, who have taken the “Big Five” model of personality traits and tied it to a classic workplace scenario. They have authored a book called “Being a Strategic Leader” which forms the basis of this workshop.

I was very impressed with the Keynote Dr. Watts presented at a NASSCOM event in Chennai when I met him and Laurie a couple of years ago. Pairee Learning has since decided to be their strategic partner in India.  I will also facilitate this program along with Pairee’s Lead facilitator, Namita V. She is a seasoned L and D (learning & development) professional, who has facilitated leadership development programs with many Indian corporate houses over the past decade or so.

Q. You’re also organising some open workshops. Tell us about the cities you plan to visit and how one can attend?

We have confirmed plans right now for 2 open sessions in Bangalore and 1 open session in Mysore. We have confirmed exclusive workshops for large corporates in Mumbai and Chennai. So we’re potentially looking to conduct these open workshops in these cities too. One can register by visiting and sending us your details.