Posted on : September 1, 2018

Uber has announced that India has as one of the five countries shortlisted for it’s air mobility solution along with Japan, France, Australia, and Brazil. One city from this shortlist could end up being the third location where Uber Air flights will take to the skies — Dallas and Los Angeles were the first two cities named.

UberAir, is Uber’s concept for urban air mobility.At the Uber Elevate Asia-Pacific summit in Tokyo in August this year, the ride-sharing company reiterated that it was looking beyond cars to solve the problem of congestion in the fast-growing urban areas across the world.

While Uber launched its Elevate programme in 2016, last year, the ride-sharing company announced its intention to launch flight demonstrations of UberAir in Dallas-Fort Worth/Frisco Texas and Los Angeles in 2020 with commercial trips starting as early as 2023.

Eric Allison, head of Aviation Programmes at Uber, said in pursuit of its first international launch market, where you will be able to push a button and get a flight, Uber is announcing a shortlist of five countries where UberAir can immediately transform transportation and take our technology to new heights.

Uber Elevate has also designed and released the first example of future routes for Uber Air flights for Delhi, Tokyo, Mumbai, Seoul, Sydney, and Taipei. Uber suggests that just in Delhi NCR, Uber Air will be able to save about two hours every day for commuters.(Story Courtesy:Indian Express)