Posted on : August 24, 2018

From a cycling club called Thunderbolt to meditation rooms , employees at Infosys’ Pune office have access to a range of activities and facilities aimed at bettering the physical and mental state of mind.

“As we strive to keep up with this fast-moving world, we often tend to neglect ourselves and our health. Specific to the corporate world, the juggle between work, family and personal time leaves many of us with very little time to worry about our health. Having recognized the need to help employees deal with health issues, we have introduced several initiatives and interventions,” says Executive Vice-President and Head of Human Resources, Infosys.

One such initiative is the health assessment and lifestyle enrichment (HALE) plan that tries to address the impact of stress on employees and their families. Employees can get medical check-ups, an assessment of their mental and physical status, and access a confidential hotline to a trained professional.

Meditation sessions are held once a week, while yoga classes are conducted through the week. Apart from the daily classes, special sessions and workshops promoting yoga are held as part of health weeks with many employees attending them. During the HALE Health Week held every year, employees are able to get check-ups and access medical advice across company offices. While some of the workshops have a nominal fee, most of them are conducted free of charge by Infosys employees who have completed a certification course on the subject.

Interestingly, Infosys has also launched a health app in association with a service provider at its Pune location. This covers holistic wellness through constantly available personal trainers for exercise routines, expert consultations, nutrition intake, customized dietary plans based on the employee’s needs, etc.

The hope is that all these initiatives and activities will enable employee health and well-being and help them gain the balance they need.(Story Courtesy:LiveMint)