Posted on : July 16, 2018

You Can Foundation (YCF) ( a not-for-profit organisation) was started in December 2013 by the young and driven Monis Shamsi. YCF fires multiple engines, engaging with the youth in varied areas; they help enhance leadership qualities through their platform and also sensitise communities towards the Right to Equality.  A key focal point has been addressing India’s worrying  blood shortage . RedRevolution was YCF’s first initiative that was started to overcome this blood shortage and organise wide-reaching knowledge and donation camps.

Here’s our chat with  Monis Shamsi , Founder & President of You Can Foundation :

1.) How did you start YCF?

You Can Foundation (YCF) was established as a not-for-profit organisation in December 2013 with an aspiration to work as a bridge in order to connect the various segments of the society where every person gets the opportunity to contribute to every aspect of life. Red Revolution was the first initiative of You Can Foundation which was started to cope up with the shortage of blood. The motivation was purely out of personal experiences and the 1st Blood Donation Camp was organised at Gurdudwara Bangla Sahib. The immense support from volunteers led to many more such camps being organised at different malls, colleges, corporate offices . Meanwhile , we were engaging with youth to promote Quality Education. By 2014, I left my job to work full time for YCF along with teaching & mentoring students and parents.


2.) How does YCF work and how many volunteers do you have?

YCF is a volunteer based organisation wherein we have volunteers from all across India. YCF has worked with more than 500 volunteers. Currently, YCF has a total of 120 volunteers, 50 active volunteers and others join as per program needs. These volunteers come from different walks of life, some are students , professionals, Ngos’ and entrepreneurs.

At YCF, we have become a close-knit family that not only participates in YCF activities but also helps each other to grow and learn more everyday. We share ideas and aim to instill social values amongst us and those around us.


3.) What has been the biggest challenge in the last few year ?

One of the biggest challenges since the inception of YCF is Fund Raising. I consistently contributed a part of my income from teaching and mentoring seminars and funds from volunteers would help sustain YCF as a completely self funded organisation. However, an embedded challenge is to find regular donors which sometimes then hampers in organising any activity.


4.)   Where do you want to see YCF in the next 5 years?

I see tremendous potential in the growth of this organisation . We want YCF to be recognised as the Youth Empowering Organisation. We envisage connecting youth volunteers to different Social Initiatives. Furthermore, I want to see YCF as a bridge mobilising youth to help awaken them on “Self” and bring them together with a purpose to face and solve the social problems of the society.


5.) What is the most special quality attached with being an entrepreneur in the social sector space?

YCF is a platform for never ending learning. On this journey, I have learnt and evolved everyday. I feel I have become a better human being and have developed a positive outlook. I would say it is not a mere organisation for social cause, it is an enlightening journey to a complete spiritual transformation.


6.) How can people can connect you ?

People can reach out to us at and for more information about YCF, please visit .