Posted on : July 16, 2018

A recent report by the Housing and Urban Affairs ministry indicates that urban transport is the topmost investment priority for cities selected under the government’s Smart City Mission, while safety and solid waste management issues are at the bottom of the list.

Interestingly, while most cities in India are faced with a a solid waste management crisis, only 2.4 % (Rs 4,896 crore) of the total investment is directed towards this sector. Social sectors and storm water drainage are also a low priority on the investment agenda with just 2.5 per cent (Rs 5,100 each) for projects in these areas.

99 cities that are part of the Smart City Mission are expected to make investments of Rs 2 lakh crore of which the highest share of over Rs 33,000 crore (16.6 per cent) is proposed for urban transport.

After urban transport, area based development is the second most important investment priority under the programme, with proposed investment of Rs 30,600 crore. Projects worth Rs 4,960 crore have been completed. Work has started on other projects worth Rs 23,000 crore while the tendering system is in process for the rest. (Story courtesy: Wires )