Posted on : May 3, 2018

The goal of the grant is to raise awareness among the general public about issues faced by the poor related to land and property. The grant is worth 1,00,000/- for the winner, and has additional travel and reporting allowance for the shortlisted entries according to the scope of project.

The story pitch is the most important part of the application. Submitted proposals have to deal with issues faced by the poor related to land and property. The pitch could deal with specific aspects such as land titling & tenure security,women & widows and their inheritance & property rights,financial inclusion related to property etc.

The search is for strong story pitches related to the above topics, highlighting the challenges, lessons learned and potential solutions.

The story should be put in the broader context of the problem in India.  The grant will strongly favour the coverage of under-reported topics. To know more about how you can apply, click here