Posted on : May 22, 2018

The ILO said in its annual flagship report on the state of the global job market that action to combat climate change could create millions of new job opportunities and “more than” offset losses in traditional industries – especially in countries like India.

The report ‘World Employment and Social Outlook 2018: Greening with jobs’ said India has set itself the goal of generating 175 gigawatts of electricity from renewable sources by 2022, which corresponds to around half of its total electricity production, that implies over 300,000 workers will be employed in the solar and wind energy sectors in India to meet the country’s target .

However, The ILO report predicts that the transition to a green economy will also lead to the loss of six million jobs in industries that are heavily reliant on carbon-based production.Two sectors, namely petroleum extraction and refining, are set to see job losses of one million or more.


It indicates that the regional winners from investment in energy use and production will be Asia and the Pacific, with 14 million jobs created, the Americas (three million) and Europe (two million).

In contrast, negative job growth is forecast in the Middle East (minus 0.48 percent) and Africa (minus 0.04 percent) if the reliance of these regions continues, respectively, on fossil fuels and mining. (Story courtesy : Wires )