Youth IV Call for Projects: Supporting Decentralized Cooperation for Young People


Apply By:  30/03/2018

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs has launched a “Youth IV” call for projects to support decentralized cooperation partnerships involving young people from their territories in their territories.

This call for projects supports the mobilization of French local and regional authorities (CTF) for the mobility of young people in their territory, in partnership with their foreign counterparts. on the other hand, their partnerships in vocational training, key to the economic development of the North and South, and the employability of young people.

Project Components

  • Vocational training of young people: This component aims, on the one hand, to encourage the mobility of apprentices and young people in vocational training, but also of teachers and trainers, between training establishments located in the territories of the partner communities, as well as young job seekers in the region. year following the end of their vocational training course. On the other hand, it aims to support the dynamics of exchanges, creation and / or reinforcement of vocational training offers in the territories
  • International youth mobility in the context of volunteering: The International youth mobility in the framework of volunteering section supports existing decentralized cooperation projects involving young volunteers, whose missions will reinforce these partnerships, in France and abroad.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The call for projects is addressed to the CTFs and their groupings within the framework of a decentralized cooperation partnership with foreign local authorities.
  • In all cases, the contracting authority must be provided by one or more CTFs or CTF groups and their partner counterparts. Project management may be delegated, for example, to an association, a training institution (technical, agricultural, socio-cultural and sports animation, etc.) or to an apprenticeship training center.
  • These projects can be carried out by involving the diasporas in accordance with the report of the working group of the National Council for Development and International Solidarity “Migration and Development”.
  • All countries and territories are eligible for this call for projects, with the exception of MexicoSenegalMorocco, the Palestinian Territories and Quebec. To the extent that there are other specific financing arrangements for these countries and territories, they are eligible only in the context of a project involving several partner communities in several different countries.
  • In the case of projects involving youth mobility, the CTFs must respect the security constraints in force in the territories classified in the red zone and in the orange zone, defined by the MEAE: rub12191 . Prior contact with the correspondent for the decentralized cooperation of the French Embassy in the countries concerned is strongly recommended before preparing the assembly of the file.
  • Projects are eligible for a 35% grant. This ceiling can reach 50% for projects shared between several CTFs, integrating young people with fewer opportunities and whose gender equality is one of the main objectives of the project.
  • Projects originating from rural, peri-urban, ultramarine communities, or involving youth from priority neighborhoods defined in the context of the City’s Policy will also be favored.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must apply online via given website.

For more information, visit Youth IV Call for Projects.