Youth Environmental Grants

Organisation: The Pollination Project and Levi Strauss & Company

Apply By:  No Deadline

Youth Environmental Grants 

The Youth Environmental Grant making program includes:

  • 20 seed grants of $1000 each made to youth who are involved in grassroots environmental projects
  • Second-round funding of up to $5000 per project offered in Fall 2015
  • Promotional support for certain projects
  • Capacity building and leadership development training offered through 
  • Special priority consideration for projects recommended by the  of the Earth Island Institute.


Individuals aged 22 or younger who are starting up or leading an environmental project anywhere in the world. We do not fund established organizations with paid staff.

Funding Guidelines:

The Pollination Project Funds:

  • Passionate, committed people with a social change vision that fits within one or more of our categories above.
  • Projects in their early stage of development and where a small amount of money will go a very long way. Our grants are designed to kick start your efforts and give you the support you need to truly flourish.
  • Supplies, program materials, direct travel expenses, website fees, discounted professional services, printing, copying, promotional costs, technical support.
  • 501(c)(3) filing fees and expenses only if your project meets our specific conditions. 
  • Projects with a clear target audience, and a compelling plan to reach and impact that target audience in a positive way. If your project involves video or other media production, then this element of your plan will receive particularly careful attention from our team.
  • Projects that do not expect to earn profit, or where any income will be used for a purely charitable effort.

Funding Criteria: 

We are looking to fund great people and great projects. We are looking for individuals with a proven passion for their chosen issue, a thoughtful analysis of the problems and solutions, a solid strategy behind their vision. Projects should be early in their lifecycle, and not yet be at a point where there is paid staff or a large organizational infrastructure behind it. We fund anywhere in the world, and environmental issues that interest us include: promotion of plant-based diets, climate change education and advocacy, water access and conservation, environmental justice, community gardens, air quality, protecting biodiversity, natural resource conservation and management, and population growth.

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