Wildlife Conservation Trust – Small Grant 2018-19

Organisation: Wildlife Conservation Trust

Apply By:  26/10/2018

Several organisations and individuals spread all over India are involved in the conservation or research of endangered species and their habitats. While their efforts are commendable, limited availability of resources restrict such individuals and organisations from asking relevant questions that are critical for the sustenance of natural ecosystems and those which highlight the challenges faced by innumerable lesser-known species that co-inhabit our planet.

WCT–Small Grants provides an opportunity to budding and practicing conservationists to pursue their passion of conserving endangered species and their habitats. Through this effort, WCT hopes to draw attention to the lesser-known species that need as much, if not more attention as the tiger, elephant and rhinoceros.

Basic Eligibility and Criteria:

  • Grants under WCT-SG are only applicable for Indian citizens and organisations with a valid registration certificate of India operations.
  • Applicant needs to hold a minimum of a graduate degree from a recognised university. In case of organisations/educational institutions, this condition will apply to the lead applicant.
  • Projects should focus on conservation of endangered species and/or their habitats in India. Projects focusing on species/habitats outside India will not be eligible.
  • Projects should be of minimum duration of six months and maximum of one year.
  • Projects may also have a social dimension as WCT recognises that nature awareness, education and sustainable livelihood options for local communities are important ingredients for long-term conservation action.
  • Significant proportion of funds must be used for project activities.
  • WCT-SG will not fund any overheads of the organisation.

General Exclusions for Grants:

WCT-SG will not be provided to projects spanning over one year or for on-going projects funded by other agencies.

WCT-SG will not provide funds for national or international travel for

a) attending conferences/seminars or

b) carrying out laboratory analysis.

WCT-SG cannot be utilized for building permanent infrastructure.

WCT-SG will not be applicable for undercover/enforcement work.

Project Submission Details

Applicants should send their proposals to smallgrants@wctindia.org on or before October 26, 2018, by 23:59 hours.