‘Together, Moving Forward’ Programme by European Student’s Union(ESU)

Organisation: European Student’s Union(ESU

Apply By:  15/04/2018

European Student’s Union(ESU) is inviting applications for‘Together, Moving Forward’ Programme which is a small grant programme aiming at building positive refugee-host interactions across Europe.

ESU encourage and promote valuable and viable options for refugees and asylum seekers to access and benefit from education, and be part in their communities. This programme was started in 2016 and since then ESU has supported several valuable projects, shared views with resourceful activists and creative change-makers.

The organisation have also confronted with little or uneven progress made by European governments and education systems, and perhaps an even more polarized public discourse regarding refugees and migrants.


With this programme, ESU want to inspire change and:

  • Reshape public discourse around forced migration and confront hate speech in societies
  • Inspire student-led initiatives addressing refugees’ and asylum seekers’ living conditions and not least their access to education
  • Build capacity for student representatives to be more responsive to issues related to forced migration, focusing on social inclusion and access to education
  • Empower National Student Unions to promote and advocate for clear policies that ease the access of refugees and asylum seekers to Higher Education
  • Open up to new student groups and other stakeholders active on refugee issues, especially education
  • Build long-lasting links between refugees, their communities, and student communities

Funding Information

  • ESU fund and support student-led initiatives at local, national or international level.
  • You can apply for any sum up to 10,000 EUR.
  • In case you apply for a project with a clear and relevant international component, the maximum can be 12,000

How to Apply

For further information, please visit esu.