The Queen’s Young Leaders Grants Scheme

Organisation: Royal Commonwealth Society.

Apply By:  No Deadline

Grants will be available to eligible organisations in selected countries across the Commonwealth that are working with young people to transform their lives. Projects will be supported that are led by or focused on young people and provide opportunities for them to learn new skills, secure employment, create enterprises or have a say in decisions affecting their future. Each project will place young people at the heart of their communities, working with them to help solve the issues that affect their lives.

The Grants will be available to organisations working with young people in UK, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, Jamaica and Solomon Islands.


  • Ensure young people are better qualified, get decent jobs and training, and create thriving businesses
  • Enable young people to articulate their needs in order to influence key decision makers
  • Provide evidence and stories describing how young people have succeeded in creating lasting change in their communities.


The Scheme will make Grants of between £60,000 and £1 million lasting for two to four years.

Smaller grants will also be provided in each country through our brand new Small Grants Fire-starter Initiative which will support smaller youth-led organisations and groups.


You are eligible if your organisation:

  • Is registered in one of the six eligible countries, or is registered in a Commonwealth country and will work through a named partner who is registered in one of the six eligible countries
  • Has independently audited accounts within the last two years
  • Has managed grants of equal size before
  • Is not a Company limited by shares or a Public Limited Company
  • Has governance structures that involve, or are made up of, young people and beneficiaries of youth-focused projects
  • Has demonstrable experience of working with young people
  • Can demonstrate where young people have played a clear role in the planning of projects and activities
  • Has a child protection policy.


The main Grants will be made by a two-stage process – a Discovery Phase and a Development Phase.

  1. Discovery Phase
    The Discovery Phase will be carried out in each of the target countries by The Queen’s Young Leaders Team in order to define where the Grants can have most impact. This will include participative workshops with organisations, partners, businesses and relevant stakeholders.
  2. Development Phase
    Organisations will then be asked to write a full application for a Grant.
    Applicants will be provided with online support which will focus on programme design, organisational development needs, and opportunities for partnership.
    Grant applications will then be assessed in-country by The Queen’s Young Leaders Team.
    Our Advisory Panel of young people and Programme Board will then make the final decision about which organisations to award grants to.


The Scheme will also support small and innovative youth-led groups and organisations who don’t meet all of the eligibility criteria but are still making lasting change to young people’s lives.

One organisation in each country will be selected to run this Small Grants Fire-Starter Initiative providing grants, mentoring and the opportunity for growth to youth-led groups or organisations with low capacity but with fantastic ideas and energy.

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