The Early Childhood Innovation Prize

Organisation: OpenIdeo

Apply By:  15/02/2018

The Early Childhood Innovation Prize

The first few years of a child’s life lay the foundation for future success

This is a period of rapid development when more than a million new neural connections are formed every second. As young children are busy trying to understand who they are and how the world works, they are influenced by many factors, including relationships with parents and caregivers, experiences at home or in child care and the influences of the community in which they grow up. It’s these earliest moments that matter most.

But too many young children are not reaching their full potential because existing approaches to early learning and development are not sufficiently addressing today’s challenges.

Prize Tiers

Whether you represent a nonprofit or for-profit, are a researcher, entrepreneur, teacher or parent — or have other expertise to offer — we have designed a prize tier with you in mind.

New Innovators

New Innovators with a very early concept in development could receive a share of $100k in funding.

Early Stage Innovators

Early stage innovators with at least one-year prototyping or piloting experience could receive a share of $400k in funding.

Advanced Innovators

Advanced Innovators with 3 to 10+ years of experience could receive a share of $500k in funding.

Everyone can be part of the solution.

We need the brainpower of thinkers from diverse backgrounds who are willing to offer innovative ideas, lend mentorship and expertise, and invest capital to solve this problem together

Participants could be eligible for:

  • A share of up to $1 million in funding
  • Recognition as one of the most promising early childhood innovation ideas in the country
  • Access to the right mentorship depending on your growth stage
  • Engagement with an ecosystem of innovators, experts and investors
  • An invitation to join the early childhood innovation network

Solutions should focus on:

  • Improving Early Experiences
  • Supporting Parents and Families
  • Leveraging People and Places

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