Sur International Journal on Human Rights,Call for Edition n. 27,Internet and Democracy

Organisation: Conectas Human Rights

Apply By:  31/03/2018

Conectas Human Rights invites contributions in the form of articles, case studies, institutional reflections and artistic pieces with preference given to activist voices from the Global South for the 27th edition of the Sur International Journal on Human Rights, to be published in July 2018.

The objective of the Sur International Journal on Human Rights, published by Conectas, is to influence the global human rights agenda by producing, fostering and disseminating innovative research and ideas, primarily from the Global South, on human rights practice.

As well as publishing general interest pieces on human rights (from a Global South perspective), the 27th edition will also contain a Sur File that will focus on Internet and Democracy.

In a year marked by various electoral processes around the globe,8 Sur seeks to advance the debate by publishing contributions from professionals, specialists and human rights and democracy activists on the following themes:

  • Internet and political participation, including digital mechanisms to express political will, especially taking into account to the unequal access to these tools.
  • Access to quality political information: consumption dynamics of political news, fake news, fact-checking, media literacy and critical participation in the public sphere.
  • Access to authentic – and unauthentic – political debate: use of bots as instruments to distort public debate (false profiles) or as instruments to increase accountability.
  • Net neutrality and its impact on freedom of expression.
  • Privacy, citizen autonomy and political propaganda on the Internet: Social media and the rules of democratic debate, including the use of personal data by campaigns and paid content by politicians and its influence on elections.
  • The relationship between social movements and formal state institutions, and the potential curtailment of political freedoms through surveillance and control of networks, including blocking of sites and applications and the suspension of Internet access.
  • The Internet and expansion of voices in the public debate, including increased participation of minority groups, the damage caused by hate speech and online violence.

How to Apply

Sur Journal is accepting contributions (in Portuguese, English or Spanish) between 7,000 – 20,000 characters including spaces in the following formats:

  • Analysis of a human rights topic, with preference for articles that deal with issues of transnational significance and that are based on empirical research.
  • Critical case studies on the implementation of advocacy strategies, litigation and other experiences and which analyse their impact on the practice of human rights.
  • Short pieces by civil society and human rights organizations on their experience in management, evaluation, fundraising and sustainability or other related issues.
  • Recognizing the importance to communicate to broader audiences about human rights topics, the journal seeks artistic pieces such as collections of photographs or cartoons, videos or poems that relay a specific human rights message (which can, if necessary, be explained by a short text).

Contributions must be sent via email in electronically (Microsoft Word file) in a prescribed format.

For more information, please visit link.