South Asia Women’s Fund: Small Grants Programme

Organisation: South Asia Women’s Fund

Apply By:  No Deadline


SAWF’s Small Grants Programme is aimed at supporting women’s groups and activists, especially those working at the grassroots, to undertake innovative, cutting edge and critical work. Apart from supporting specific initiatives/programmes, the SGP also supports participation of activists in critical spaces, training programmes and workshops through small travel grants. The maximum limit of the grant amount is 5000 USD per organization/individual, and needs to be utilized within a year.

Please note that since we receive a large number of applications, it is difficult for us to respond to every request individually. The concerned programme officers will contact the shortlisted applicants. The rest will be duly informed of the status of their application. The entire process takes 4 months from the time of receiving the Letter of Interest.Since we accept applications on a rolling basis, there is no deadline to apply for the SGP. In case the application cannot be reviewed in the current cycle, it will automatically be

transferred to the next cycle. .


Criteria: Who can apply?

Groups and/or organizations

Any woman’s organization whose annual budget is under USD 50,000, located in the focal countries1 can apply.

The organization should be registered and have the requisite legal registration to enable it to receive grants from foreign sources.

At least 70% of its decision-making body and 70% of the staff should be women, its team should be led by a woman, and at least 70% of its programmatic resources should be spent on working for women’s rights.

It should be committed to feminist principles and right based approaches.



Women volunteering or working with a women’s rights or a human rights organization may apply.

A second-line woman leader of a mainstream organization may also apply for the grant.

Please note, individuals requesting for travel grants can request an amount up to 1000 USD only. The workshop/training programme has to be relevant to the individual’s work in the region.



Implementation of new, out of the box ideas mooted by young feminists and second line leadership of an organization to enrich the work of the group/organization they are with, to expand, strengthen and/or enhance women’s realization of their human rights.

Innovative initiatives that have the cutting edge potential of being up-scaled.

A specific component of a planned programme for which additional resources are needed, building on an unexpected outcome/spin offs of previous initiatives.

Responding to an unexpected critical need/demand of women communities.

Undertaking a pilot project, baseline research, public event or a needed publication that can address future needs.

Addressing immediate learning needs.

Any other activity that will fit into SAWF’s criteria, and will be approved by the Advisors to this grant.


Guidelines for Applications

1. SAWF will accept applications in English and any of the regional languages – Bangla,

Hindi, Nepali, Sinhalese, Tamil and Urdu.

2. All applications should state clearly:

a. the goal towards which the project will contribute

b. the immediate objectives of the project

c. methodology and the main activity or activities

d. the outcomes and measurable indicators

e. demonstrate the rights based approach in their methodology and process statement

f. provide a detailed budget, outlining the expenditures per activity

*(please refer Letter of Interest)

3. Upon selection, an organisation will have to submit the following documents for the finalization of the grant:

a. An attested copy of the registration of the organization

b. List of its governing body and executive staff

c. Tax exemption status

d. Audited accounts of the previous financial year

e. Annual report, or any other document in its stead that lays out the activities, achievements and challenges that the organization undertook in the preceding year.

4. Applications will be given priority according to the following key factors:

a. Geographical location

b. Innovation of the intervention

c. Collaborative potential of the application

d. Sustainability of the gains of the programme

e. funding status of the organisation

f. In case of travel grants, priority will be given to spaces and programmes organised within the South Asia region.

Please send your application or any queries related to the application to the following email addresses:, or contact us on +94 11 2690992 or +91



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