Request for Proposals: India Health Fund Seeking Applications for Innovation to fight TB and Malaria


Apply By:  19/03/2018

India Health Fund is inviting applications for the Innovation to fight TB and Malaria. The purpose of this RFP is to identify and support products, services, processes and strategies that transform effectiveness of ongoing efforts to prevent, diagnose and treat Malaria and Tuberculosis which will improve quality of lives of people.

The IHF plans to engender agility and innovation by supporting programs and projects that either develop new products or strategies for addressing infectious diseases like Tuberculosis and Malaria, innovative business models, innovative partnerships or financing mechanisms that significantly scale existing effective solutions.

Grants will be provided to support innovative, high-potential practices that can be leveraged by mainstream operations that ensure scale at the state, regional or national level.

India Health Fund (IHF) has been created by The Tata Trusts in collaboration with The Global Fund to initiate or scale up innovative and systemic solutions towards addressing key infectious diseases in India, starting with Malaria and Tuberculosis.

Focus Areas

  • Use of technology and data science – to strengthen surveillance of Tuberculosis and Malaria and inform early warning systems, improve early detection and prompt treatment.
  • Promotion of robust molecular diagnostic facility/pathway feasible for primary health care in low resource settings for expediting diagnosis of Tuberculosis and Malaria and improving accuracy of the results.
  • Innovations on effective communication strategies that will prevent transmission of Tuberculosis and Malaria and enable populations to protect themselves from the disease and further suffering.
  •  Research to generate new knowledge on:
    •  Malaria – Innovative solution / approach in vector surveillance to understand vector

Award will be announced after review by expert selection panel. Grant period will be between 2-3 years.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be non-profit organizations (Trust/Society/Section 8 Company, etc.) that can successfully execute the activities stated in their proposal.
  • All applicants should develop proposals that clearly explain how the model being proposed will transform effectiveness and impact of solutions targeting Malaria and Tuberculosis in regions that have significant disease burdens.
  • Provides clear explanation on how developing innovative solutions or significantly increasing effectiveness of existing solutions for Malaria and/or Tuberculosis
  • Is an organization that has shown interest in the interventions areas proposed, and has operational and human capacity for execution
  • Should be working either in regions/states with high disease burdens or have a national or systemic footprint
  • Should clearly describe alignment or linkages with sustainable healthcare delivery system
  • Has the required legal standing to be an award recipient of the India Health Fund.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply via given website.

Eligible Country: India

For further information, please visit India Health Fund.