Power Up: Resourcing Women’s And Girls’ Movements For Change

Organisation: Comic Relief

Apply By:  07/12/2018

We are excited to launch this funding opportunity focussed on strengthening women’s and girls’ movements.

We believe that the material and practical considerations of women and girls’ daily lives will only be significantly improved when we have full and equal power in decision making at all levels.

Studies have shown that women’s rights organisations bring the greatest long-term change to women’s lives, and we know that for women and girls to continue to drive change in their own lives, that of their families, communities and on a global stage, women’s rights organisations are essential.  However, The World Bank estimates that funding to women’s rights organisations has fallen by more than half over the last 5 years.

What do we mean by Women’s and Girls’ movements

We believe movements are made up of a number of constituents working collectively towards a shared long-term goal.

Constituents of women’s and girls’ movements that we might fund directly could include (though is not limited to):

  • Advocacy or Campaigning organisations
  • Service delivery organisations
  • Research bodies
  • Think tanks
  • Registered community organisation
  • Women’s funds
  • Trades unions or professional bodies

Funding criteria

We want to work with amazing women and girl-led organisations, partnerships, consortia and women’s funds who are supporting women to have collective power, build movements and become change agents.

We are interested in hearing about the work that you feel is most important and appropriate to secure long-term change for women and girls in your context. We understand that change takes time, and so are interested in what your long-term goals are and who else you are working with to achieve these, either in formal partnerships, or informally.

We are interested in supporting the development of specific work (such as campaigns, advocacy and/or services) when it is part of this long-term change. We are also interested in supporting work which helps movement constituents develop a common agenda for change, such as developing and sharing analytic frameworks, learnings and research, and work that is focussed on base building, such as growing membership and leadership, building/growing/supporting alliances and solidarity both between and within movements.

What we will fund

Funding is available for 3 – 5 years

Funding can be used to cover the core costs / overheads of an organisation / partnerships, or specific projects and activities or a mixture of the two.

We also welcome applications using digital or Sport for Change approaches.