Planning Grant for Fogarty Research Training Program


Apply By:  23/08/2018

Applications are now open for the Planning Grant for Fogarty HIV Research Training Program to support research training that strengthens HIV research capacity of institutions in low-and middle-income countries (LMIC). This grant programme will maximize prior investments in research and research training, further strengthen the LMIC institution’s research and research training capabilities, and provide more accessible research training opportunities to others in their own country and in other LMICs.

A planning grant provides support for LMIC institutions to consult their partners, assess strengths and gaps in research and research training capacity, and plan an HIV research training program that can be submitted for funding.

The program provides opportunities for U.S and LMIC institutions to collaborate with their partners, including HIV Research Networks with LMIC sites, to fill gaps in training in a particular area that will strengthen HIV research capacity at the proposed LMIC institutions or Network sites.  Applicants should design HIV research training programs for LMIC scientists and staff at LMIC institutions or Network sites so that trainees can address both long-standing and emerging HIV research questions.

This approach will allow applicants to be more responsive to research needs at an LMIC institution(s) and enhance the capacity for LMIC institutions to collaborate with NIH, U.S. Government, other donors and LMICs in their HIV/AIDS efforts.

The FIC, with co-funding from other NIH Institutes, Centers and Offices (I/C/O), provided almost 30 years of support to enhance HIV research through HIV research training programs. Awards supported research training of LMIC scientists who participated in important HIV research conducted at LMIC institutions in partnership with U.S. and other international scientists and scientific institutions.


The objectives of the planning grant are to:

  • Engage new or solidify existing relationships with individual and institutional partners who will be involved in the envisioned research training program.
  • Define an organizational structure to support the future research training program.
  • Define the pool of potential trainees from the LMIC or, if relevant, from the LMIC Network sites, to be recruited for a future research training program.
  • Design research training approaches that address the selected HIV scientific focus.
  • Organize and submit an application in response to D43 FOA.