India Grant Fund : Ministry Of Finance, Govt Of The Cook Islands


Apply By:  16/11/2018

Applications are now open for the India Grant Fund (IGF) which is administered by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) and is funded by the Government of India under their Grant-in Aid Programme, which has funded public and community based projects, contributing to social and economic development since 2006.

The Development Coordination Division of the MFEM wishes to advise that the funding round for 2018/19 is now open for government agencies, community clubs, registered groups and organisations to apply for assistance.

Eligible Projects

The Project must support, promote or develop social, cultural, or economic development and sustainability, it should also directly serve the basic needs of the community and have a positive and sustainable impact on the living conditions of the target group (e.g. projects referring to education, vocational training, hygiene standards, community development areas). Gender equity aspects are to be taken into consideration (i.e. male and female should benefit from the project to the same extent).

Funding Criteria

  • Must be aligned with a local organization and proof of registration at Ministry of Justice must be provided. Absolutely NO funding for individuals.
  • Local contribution/in-kind contribution must also be ensured (e.g. labour, facilities, materials etc.)
  • Funds will NOT be transferred to personal bank accounts.
  • The project must be completed within the timeframe provided in the Grant Funding Arrangement. No longer than a year (12 months) from which the Grant Funding Arrangement was signed
  • Religious based groups and activities will not be funded.
  • Additional experts needed for the installation of machinery etc. may be financed, provided that costs incurred are part of the financial plan.
  • Applicants must indicate in the application how acknowledgement of the Donor will be carried out (e.g. press release, radio/TV coverage, labeling/signage etc.).
  • After approval, funds will only be released once the Grant Funding Arrangement is counter signed by an authorized representative of the recipient, who will be liable in the case the conditions of the funding arrangement are breached. The authorized representative must provide proof of identity (passport biodata page and Cook Islands driver’s license)
  • A progress report must be provided within the timeframe provided in the Grant Funding Arrangement or upon request, using Te Tarai Vaka templates and submitted to the Development Coordination Division (DCD)
  • After completion of the project a Completion Report using Te Tarai Vaka templates must be submitted to Development Coordination Division (DCD), no later than 1 month after the project has been completed
  • All original invoices and receipts must be kept for audit purposes