Organisation: Coca Cola Foundation

Apply By:  31/12/2018

The Coca-Cola India Foundation, a Company registered under Section 25 of the Companies’ Act is committed to sustainable development and inclusive growth by focusing on issues relating to water, the environment, healthy living and social advance so that it can contribute to a strong and resolute India enabling the common man to better his or her life.

In order to promote the Foundation’s objectives, monetary grants and other assistance are being provided to NGOs, beneficiary organizations, cooperatives, philanthropies and such others who are the potential partners in implementing projects for social welfare across the Country.


Grant requests will be considered only if the proposal falls within the Mission Objectives of the Foundation and the applicant satisfies the Foundation on its commitment to the same. The applicant seeking the grant has to be transparent and forthcoming on its aims and objectives, financial status, performance and experience in the past. Grant requests should have the following characteristics:

  • NATURE OF THE PROJECTThe project proposal of the applicant should be able to demonstrate an innovative and challenging idea underlying the needs of the beneficiary community and alignment with the Foundation’s Mission Objectives.
  • PROJECT FEASIBILITYThe project proposal should highlight clear and realistic goals, timeframe, work plan and budget – including the quantum of assistance involved, and the proportion of assistance to be mobilized through other sources including by the applicant organization itself.
  • PROJECT IMPACTThe anticipated impact of the project on the beneficiary community needs to be specifically defined and the measures indentified that would guarantee project maintenance and sustainability within an effective framework of community engagement and ownership. The grant seekers would need to include a long-term plan to transfer the responsibility and ownership of development models to the local communities.

An important criteria for evaluation of projects would be the previous projects successfully implemented by the applicant and                        certification received by the State/Central Government, or the beneficiary community, in respect of the project.

For more information on Eligibility Criterion, Acceptance of Proposals and Release of Grants , Grant Application format and any further information , please visit the link.