GNI YouTube Innovation Funding Program

Organisation: Google

Apply By:  12/10/2018

Applications are open for GNI YouTube Innovation Funding Program to provide selected news organizations around the world with grants to support building stronger video capabilities and innovating with video formats.

Best practices gained from this program will be shared publicly, providing all newsrooms the opportunity to learn and apply insights as we work together to support the development of long-term, sustainable video businesses.

Focus Areas

This included a $25M investment across the following three areas:

  • News working group to collaborate with partners to help them develop new product features and improve the news experience on YouTube
  • Innovation funding to provide capacity-building grants to news publishers
  • Expanded support team for news partners around the world

Funding Model

Grant size will vary based on the application details and may be valued up to approximately $250,000 USD. As the application process moves forward, they will work with applicants to determine the appropriate grant size based on the proposal.

Grants may be valued up to approximately $300K but applicant’s application is not required to meet that amount. Google will retain the right to reduce the grant size based on scrutiny of the application.

They are looking for proposals where the news organization is equally invested in the success of the project, demonstrating a commitment to building out capabilities. As such, successful applications will include co-resource investment, which may include staffing or production resources.