EU-India Water Cooperation on Research and Innovation Grants

Organisation: Department of Science and Technology, GoI

Apply By:  27/02/2018

The EU-India S&T Agreement aims to support excellent research on priority areas which can best be addressed by a multinational approach. This initiative should facilitate cooperation among the researchers and institutions in India and Europe in the field of water.


This action should develop new and/or adapt the most suitable existing innovative and affordable solutions for Indian conditions, both in urban and rural areas, by addressing one or more of the following broad challenges:

  • Drinking water purification with a focus on emerging pollutants;
  • Waste water treatment, with scope for resource/energy recovery, reuse, recycle and rainwater harvesting, including bioremediation technologies;
  • Real time monitoring and control systems in distribution and treatment systems


Joint proposal for a collaborative research and innovation project (called RIA – Research and Innovation Action should be submitted by a consortium of at least three legal entities from India and three legal entities from Europe.

The eligibility criteria and other terms and conditions are described below. Above the minimum required number of participants (3+3), the consortium can have as many participants as deemed necessary and in the interest of executing the project.


European Union:

Are eligible to receive funding in Horizon 2020:

  • Member States of the European Union, including their overseas departments and outermost regions
  • Countries Associated to Horizon

Jointly called hereafter ‘Europe’.

At least three legal entities from Europe shall participate in an action. Each of the three legal European entities shall be established in a different Member State or country associated to Horizon 2020.

All three legal entities shall be independent of each other within the meaning of Article 8 of Horizon 2020 Rules for Participation.


At least three different legal entities from India. All legal entities shall be independent of each other.

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