Charity Pot funding for environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights

Organisation: Lush USA

Apply By:  No Deadline

Charity Pot funding goes to small, grassroots groups that have limited resources and often struggle to find funding. We support groups both in North America and around the world working in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights.

What does it take to be a Charity Pot partner?

In just a few short years, we’ve donated more than $15 million to hundreds of organizations that needed a helping hand to continue doing the good work they do. We’re passionate about giving to those who are in need and we’re always looking to give to other grassroots charities.

Almost all the groups we fund have annual incomes of $500,000 or less and often are run entirely or predominantly by volunteers. We believe we can make the most impact by funding causes that are often overlooked by other funders, therefore we give priority to less popular issues which are more difficult to raise funds for. We’re looking for organizations that that push the boundaries and challenge mainstream opinion

What groups are we unable to support?

We’re passionate about our beliefs and we want to be sure that the groups we support match our ethics. As a result, our Charity Pot funding does not support groups that:

  • Promote or support violence, aggression or oppression towards others
  • Deny the human rights of others
  • Are involved in cruelty or subjugation of animals, including testing on animals for research or using animals for human gain
  • Force or coerce others to change their religious beliefs
  • Harbor racism, prejudice or judge others on anything other than their own actions
  • Are not making the effort to be environmentally responsible
  • In addition to these, we also cannot provide funding for schools, individual student expeditions neither do we contribute to sponsored walks/runs, fundraising initiatives or sponsor events

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