Call for Proposals – 2018 under India – Iran Bilateral S&T Cooperation

Organisation: Department of Science & Technology, GOI

Apply By:  15/02/2018

From 1st  January  2018 to 15th  February  2018 is  the  open  call  for  the  presentation  of  joint  research  projects  between  Indian  and  Iranian  groups, in  the  framework  of  the  agreed  minutes  of  the  Indo-Iran   Joint   Committee   Meeting   on   Science   and   Technology   of   Cooperation   between   the  Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry  of Science & Technology of the Indian Republic  and  the  Centre  for  International  Scientific  Cooperation  (CISC),  Ministry  of  Science,  Research  and Technology (MSRT)of the Islamic Republic of Iran, taking as a base of  the General Agreement of 2003  on  Scientific and Technical Cooperation between Indi an and Iranian Governments.


To  strengthen  and  to  expand  relations  between  both  scientific  communities,  making possible  the  exchanges  between  Indian  and  Iranian  research  groups,  in  the  framework  of joint scientific and technological projects, selected by the parties.

Promote implementation of joint  projects  able  to  bind  R&D centres  with enterprises  from  both countries. 

Project Participants and Subject Areas:

Scientists/Faculty    Members    working    in    regular    capacity    in    Government    recognized  Universities/Deemed   Universities,   Academic   Institutes  and   National   Research   &   Development  Laboratories/  Institutes  can  apply  as  Principal  Investigator  (PI).  The  Indian  PI  should  not  be  retiring during  the  proposed  duration  of  the  project.  In  order  to  qualify  for  such  funding,  investigators  are required to have a concrete and sound research proposal on any of the following areas:  The priority areas for this Call mutually agreed are as given below:

1.  Biotechnology and Human Health (focusing improvement in crop productivity, transgenic crops, microbial biotechnology with emphasis on cellulosic biofuel and microbial diversity and bio prospecting; Molecular Medicine focussing research on stem cell, cancer, tropical and infectious diseases; and  Animal Biotechnology (reproductive and nutrition)

2.  Water resources management

Selection Of Projects:

Proposals will undergo a quality evaluation taking into account the following criteria: 

  1. Project  (creativity  and  originality,  importance  of objectives  and  expected  results,  coherence  between objectives, methodology and work plan) 
  2. Research  Group  (capacity  and  scientific  and  technological  competence  of  the  research  group, human resources training, criticality of the cooperation in terms of human resources training) 
  3. 3.   Cooperation   (relevance   and   opportunity   of   the   missions,   desirability   of   cooperation   and background of cooperation) 

The assessment of relevance will take into account: 

  1. The overall priorities of the DST and CISC. 
  2. The training plan targeting young researchers specified in the project. 
  3. The incorporation of new groups in the cooperation program (priority will be awarded to the proposals that had not received previous funding)


Programme  is  open  to  scientists,  engineers,  institutions  engaged  in  advanced  research  in  the above referred areas in India  and Iran. Joint project proposal may be submitted simultaneously by the Indian  researchers  to  DST  and  by  the  Iranian  partners  to  MSRT  i.e.  CISC  in  the  prescribed  proforma annexed  herewith (Annex  I). Unilaterally  submitted  projects  shall  not  be  considered.  The  project proposal must include  one Principal Investigator (PI) and  a  Co-PI  each in India and  Iran. The PIs/Co-PIshave  the  main  responsibility  for  scientific  and  financial  reporting  which  must  be  done  annually  before the next  disbursement of funding. They are also responsible for the technical as well as administrative co-ordination of the project. The project duration would be of 2 years. The Principal Investigator (PI) andother investigators in India and Iran should be Scientists/faculty members working in regular capacity inGovernment  recognized  Universities/  Deemed  Universities,  Academic  Institutes  and  National  Research &  Development  Laboratories/  Institutes.  The Indian PI  should  not  be  retiring  during  the  proposed duration of the project.

Components of Grant:

Indian Side

  1. The Iranian Scientists visiting India shall be paid  per diem amount INR 2,000 per day in case of short term visit (up to 21 days), and INR 50,000/- calculated on per month basis in case of long term visits (more  than  21  days).    These  amounts  will  cover  expenses  related  to  local  transport  and  out  of pocket allowance
  2. Free furnished accommodation in Guest House/Hotel with reasonable amenities
  3. In country transport from Capital city/arrival city to the visiting institute by appropriate means, and 
  4. Pickup from and dropping facility at the airport to all visiting researchers

Application Procedure:

Joint research projects in the prescribed format duly forwarded by the respective Heads of the Institutions are to be submitted simultaneously, by the Indian Project Investigator to the Department of Science  and  Technology,  New  Delhi,  and  by  the  Iranian  Project  Leader  to  theMinistry  of  Science, Research  and  Technology  (MSRT). Applications  received  by  both  the  agencies  with  all  necessary documents shall only be considered.

Indian PIs will submit 5 hard copies (including 1 original) and in PDF format the project proposal in prescribed format to DST and Iranian PIs will submit 5 hard copies of the proposal (including 1 original and in PDF format) to CISC at their respective addresses indicated as under: Indian side:

Dr. Jagdish Chander

Scientist – G/Adviser, International

Cooperation, Department of Science &

Technology, Technology Bhavan

New Mehrauli Road 

New Delhi – 110 016 


Applications received after closing date i.e. 15th February 2018 will not be considered.

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