Call for Nominations- Climate Solver 2017- WWF’s climate innovation platform

Organisation: WWF India

Apply By:  31/01/2018

Climate Solver is a climate innovations platform developed  by WWF to strengthen the development and widespread  use of low carbon technologies, which radically or  transformatively reduce carbon-dioxide emissions or  provide energy access. The platform stimulates the diffusion  of innovative low carbon technologies and also generates  awareness about them along with the overall value of  innovation as an immediate and practical solution to climate  change.

Who are Climate Solvers?

Climate Solver are small and medium-sized enterprises that are characterized as innovative firms with the potential to become leaders in India and the world  in tackling climate change. They are selected as Climate Solver based on their development of cutting-edge technologies that contribute to reducing carbon  emissions or enabling energy access through sustainable clean energy solutions. They have robust business plans for their proprietary technology and ambitions for large- scale deployment of their climate innovation, both nationally and globally. Innovative business models for scale up are encouraged

Who Can Apply?

  • Small and medium enterprises can apply as a Climate Solver nominee if their technology:
  • Significantly lowers carbon emissions
  • Provides sustainable solutions to enhance energy access.

How to apply?

Enterprises interested in applying should submit application in the form of a business plan that shall include the following;

  • Name of the company, its owners and key staff.
  • The name of the innovative technology, as well as a description of the current development status (e.g. R&D stage, prototype, market entry, expansion).
  • The performance of the innovative technology based on indicators such as energy efficiency, use of renewable energy, reduction or elimination of emissions etc, that can be verified by a third party.
  • The current achievements and the future potential for enhancing energy access through adoption of sustainable clean energy solutions.

  The financial information about the company:

  • The current stage of funding of the company (Bootstrapped/Seed Capital/Angel Investor Funding/Venture Capital Financing – Series A/B/C/IPO).
  • The primary source of funding, the size of the last/most recent investment the firm has obtained in the last one year and, the name of the organizations/fund(s) that the capital has been sourced from.
  • The plan of funding for future growth, the preference and reason for the type of funding and, the range of investment requirements of the company (0-25 Lakhs/25-50 Lakhs/50 Lakhs-1 Cr./1-5Cr./5-10Cr/>10Cr.).
  • The company’s location and target market space, and potential geographical sphere and global beneficiaries of the technology/energy solution.
  • A brief plan of future development, promotion and diffusion. The company is encouraged to submit its innovative business model for scale up, if applicable.
  • Current and future challenges for the company

Last date of application is 31 January, 2018

For further details and submission of application contact:

Ms Sakshi Gaur

Communications Officer   

011 – 4150 4823

For more information please check the Link