Organisation: Vital Voices Global Partnership

Apply By:  27/04/2018


The program will be held from September 17th – September 27th, 2018 in Washington, DC; Dallas, TX; and a third U.S. city yet to be determined.


Fellows participate in a two-week experiential, interactive, and educational program across three cities in the United States that have developed unique, effective approaches to prevent and address trafficking. During this time, Fellows have the opportunity to discuss both challenges and successes with government officials, visit comprehensive service centers, and engage in peer-to-peer mentoring that allows them to share ideas and strategies about how best to tackle human trafficking in a holistic, victim-centered manner.


Each year, the GFE convenes a select group of between 15-25 women leaders from countries around the world. Over the past four years, the GFE has involved a total of 87 women leaders from 38 countries in the two-week experiential, interactive, learning and networking program in the United States that have developed unique, effective approaches to addressing human trafficking.


GFE participants, known as GFE Fellows, leverage the knowledge and networks gained from this program to enact positive change in their own communities and regions. Five GFE Fellows are selected each year to receive small grants to implement projects that build on the program’s mission to end child sex trafficking around the world.


GFE Fellows all over the world use the tools and connections they obtained during their Fellowship experience to offer comprehensive services to survivors, reduce vulnerability to trafficking, hold perpetrators accountable, and to create a worldwide network of anti-trafficking leaders who are creating a safer world for vulnerable youth.


How to Apply

Applicants can apply via given website; please visit vitalvoices.