Applications Open for HCL Grants – Edition IV

Organisation: HCL Foundation

Apply By:  03/06/2018


The democracy of India rests on three constitutional estates – legislative, bureaucracy and judiciary. The free press or media has long been recognized as the fourth. The contribution of NGOs towards nation building is immense. HCL defines it as the Fifth Estate.


HCL Grant is a step towards recognition of the rise of the Fifth Estate – the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). The Fifth Estate has now become a critical agent of change, playing a decisive role in building a stronger, future-ready India.


Started in 2015, the HCL Grant is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment by HCL, through HCL Foundation (hyperlink), to strengthen and empower NGOs, engage with them, as well as recognize them for their path breaking work.Currently focused at rural development, the HCL Grant is awarded in three thematic categories, namely Environment, Health and Education.




HCL Grant aims to achieve sustainable rural development by supporting NGOs that are doing path-breaking work, anywhere in India. HCL Grant has following specific objectives:


  1. Financially support innovative, replicable and sustainable projects, proposed by NGOs which are committed towards transformative rural development, one each, every year, in the respective Thematic Categories.
  2. Identify NGOs who have made significant impact in rural transformation and publish a compendium capturing work of these NGOs, such that they become globally visible for their efforts.


What are we looking for ?


The Grant is applicable only for NGOs working in the field of Education, Health and Environment and having experience of implementing projects in rural India. We are looking for organizations with innovative, replicable and sustainable models, which can make significant contribution towards rural development, in these Thematic Categories.



Eligibility Criterion:


  • The organization must be a registered not for profit entity in India (Society, Trust or as a Section 8 (previously Section 25) company).
  • The organization must have registered u/s 12A (A) of Income Tax 1961.
  • The organization should have completed the below mentioned functional existence (as per registration certificate) in India on or before 31st March 2018:
  1. Applicant under Education and Health Category – 10 years,
  2. Applicant under Environment Category – 5 years,
  • The organization should have completed the below mentioned working experience in rural areas in India on or before 31st March 2018:
  1. Applicant under Education and Health Category – 5 years
  2. Applicant under Environment Category – 2 years
  • The organization should have below mentioned average expenditure for the last 3 financial years i.e. 2014–15, 2015-16 and 2016-17:
  1. Applicant under Education and Health Category – ₹5 Crores or above *
  2. Applicant under Environment Category – ₹50 Crores or above *

* The expenditure refers to overall expenditure of the organization and not thematic wise.

  • The organization must not be blacklisted by any government agency, donor or international agency.
  • The organization must not have any negative media coverage or any other controversy associated with it.
  • The organization should not have any political or religious affiliations.
  • The organization should have registration documents, audited financial reports, tax certificates and FCRA (If applicable) and/or similar documents depending on the nature of the funding/donations that it receives.


On how to apply and more information, please visit HCL Grant.