About Us

Samarthan is a platform for civil society to engage, connect & grow. The literary meaning of Samarthan is ‘support’.We are the nerve centre for the social economy in India, which includes NGOs, social entrepreneurs, civic organisations and corporates.Through Samarthan ,we report, broadcast, connect, enable and advocate for the social sector, driving an increase in philanthropy and community engagement.

Our Objectives

Samarthan is a platform to enable civil society sectors and industries and engage them in the social economy. Our goal is to facilitate open and collaborative relationships by working with businesses and organisations small and large, corporate, social, government, metropolitan, regional and everyone in between. By providing information, access and connections that are vital to all arms of the civil society set up , we want to create and nurture a community that can support the growth of the social economy.We help organisations and people connect and gain knowledge to grow the Social Economy.

Our Vision

Samarthan believes that a robust and engaged civil society is of utmost importance to India’s evoluation as a nation.We are passionate about supporting, encouraging and giving a voice to the organisations that are working to build a better society. Our driving force is to create a community for the social economy based on tolerance and equity, of fairness and collaboration, trust and communication, recognition and transparency.